There shouldn’t be too much of a need to convince anyone to get a pedicure, we all know they feel great!

However it’s way more than just a nice day at the salon treating yourself. There are real benefits for getting a pedicure, and making sure you keep up on your foot health is a common thing often taken for granted.

Pedicures are designed to give the basic care for your feet. It is done to keep your toes and soles healthy and clean.

1. INFECTION PREVENTION Feet are that part of the body which are greatly exposed to dust from the ground. Over time dirt accumulates in your toes, making it a good breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. This increases your chances of contracting an infection. One of the best prevention methods is to get a pedicure from time to time. A pedicure cleans all the dirt to keep your toes risk free.

2. EXFOLIATION You exfoliate your face to make it nice and soft, brighter, and feel brand new. Why are you forgetting about your feet? Our body shed dead skin cells continuously. These dead skin accumulate on top of the epidermis making it difficult for your skin to breathe. The lack of exfoliation can cause bunions and feet corns in your body, which is undoubtedly painful. Getting a pedicure exfoliates your foot skin, making it fresh and free of dead skin. It helps promote new cell growth so your feet are left nice and soft, and look even better!

3. MOISTURIZE You moisturize the rest of your body, right? You probably even have special creams for your body and face. But again, your poor lonely feet are left out of the equation. A pedicure can improve your skin by moisturizing it well and leaving you with healthy toes. It prevents your skin from developing cracks and blisters. Your cuticles are also well taken care of in a pedicure.

4. INGROWN TOENAIL PREVENTION Ingrown toenails or Onychogryphosis occurs especially in athletes. This is a painful condition that might also get infected, if not treated properly. It can also be formed when you use improper footwear. Having your toenails trimmed by a skilled nail technician reduces the chances of ingrown toenails.

5. RELAXATION AND CIRCULATION IMPROVEMENT We know massages help with body circulation, and it’s often popular to get neck, back and shoulder massages, but again, your feet are left out in the cold. Don’t forget about your feet anymore! Get a pedicure, and get those feet massaged. It will help ease any tension in your feet. They are your only way of getting around, so you have tension in more places on your body than just your neck and shoulders. Help get the blood in your feet moving again to evenly distribute your body heat and relieve any pain that might be occurring. Well, of course! Pedicures can make you feel good and more confident, and they will undoubtedly feel amazing. The combination of getting your feet renewed through exfoliation and cleaning, then moisturizing to make them like you’ve never walked on them a day in your life, and the simple act of sitting back, relaxing and enjoying yourself, all make for a great reason to treat yourself to a pedicure.