In this article, I’m going to discuss why your skin in looking dull and grey.

We all know that maintaining radiant skin is not always easy but there are almost effort-less ways to get back your healthy glow.

Firstly, you must remove all dead skin cells! I know I say it like a mantra but we shed millions of skin cells a day, so unless you do something to actively remove the ones that don’t fell off naturally you are going to have that grey skin tone.

Addition of a skin exfoliation twice a week into your home care routine is great but this might not be enough.

That is to say a professional skin exfoliation every quarter will make a huge difference! Treatments like microdermabrasion and superficial skin peel will leave your skin not only radiant but also silky smooth.

                Secondly boost your skin with beneficial antioxidants and vitamins! For the best results do it in two ways: orally and topically. Take vit A,C,E in a capsule for a better absorption and use Vit C serum and cream in nanotechnology as that’s the only stable form of vit C.

Always remember to store your vitamins in a cool dry place.

 If you would like to know where to exactly keep products with vitamin A and C here is a storage guide for you.

But when products and supplements are not enough a Vit C Deluxe treatment will boost your skin with vit C and hyaluronic acid instantly and will make your skin glowing days and days after you have had your facial.

Thirdly, hydrate from inside and out! If your body is dehydrated (you should drink at least 6 glasses of water daily) so, do your skin!

Without a water your skin can’t function properly and maintain all necessary chemical reactions for instance shed dead skin cells properly.

Meanwhile you will start drinking more water it is crucial to keep it in the skin and to do that always remember to use hydrating cream at night.

To sum up these are only a few simple steps to help your skin glowing.

If you’d like to find out more about your skin speak to our skin expert Aleks.