Planning on Detox this January? Check this out before you start!

  1. What is a Detox diet?

It’s a diet designed to eliminate toxins from our body.

A typical diet involves:

  • Fasting- which last a couple of days
  • Strict diet of fruits, fruit juices, vegetables and water
  • Herbs, tea, supplements.

Detox diet are generally short-term and recommended because of potential exposure to toxic chemicals in the enviroment or your diet.

2. Does it really work?

Some people feel more energetic and healthy. however, this improved well-being may simply be due to eliminating alcohol, processed food, white sugar or chocolate.

You may also be getting more vitamins and minerals that were lacking before.

So I think there is no YES or NO answer to that question because FASTING won’t help to detoxify your body,

IN FACT! when you starve your body of calories your body will start to build up chemicals called ketones which can lead to nausea, dehydration, weakness and headaches.

BUT! Balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and basically changing your habits to more healthy will lead to:

LESS HEADACHES- because you are fully hydrated and have cut back on alcohol and coffee,

YOUR SKIN LOOKING BETTER- well of course! With all that water that you are drinking, more fruits and vegetables which are full of antioxidants and vitamins is giving your skin healthier glow.

FEELING LESS BLOATED- because you eat more fiber,

OR EVEN LOOSE SOME WEIGHT as you are more active too!

3. So do you need a detox diet?

The truth is the body has many organs such as skin, liver, gut, kidney that continuelly “detoxify” and naturally remove waste products from the body.

If you have a well balanced diet and include all food groups as recommended in the food pyramid there is no need for detox diet.

If you really want to try detox diet, look for one that includes all the food groups.