Hi there!
Spring has finally arrived!

It is the perfect time for a good deep clean of your makeup bag or skin product cupboard.

Much like clearing out your closet, spring is also the best time to give your beauty stash that annual revamp.

After all, it’s time to clean and declutter, ditching any makeup or skin care items that are expired, etc.

Firstly empty your makeup bag or product cupboard.

Then rinse it/clean it with some antibacterial soap to get rid of the majority of the makeup and products stains.

Secondly wash your makeup brushes. Think of the build up of makeup, oil, dirt and grime that will accumulate in the hairs of a brush – the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which causes acne and skin irritations.

Lastly- out with the old, in with the new!
It’s easy to forget how long that mascara, lipstick, or cream has been hanging around.
Don’t forget that makeup and skin products does go off, if you know you’ve had a product longer than a year, it’s probably time to chuck it.
Some makeup will go off sooner – liquid, gel or cream formulas should be chucked after about 6 months, same as creams in the jar.

Now you’re all set for Spring!

If you are looking to learn more about how to change your skin care routine for spring visit us for Computer Skin Analysis and bespoke skin care advice.

Have a great week ahead!