What does Autumn do to your skin?

Cooler air, sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and the changing of the leaves are tell-tale signs that fall has officially arrived.

It’s not just the leaves that change with the new season, your skin does it too.
The most common symptom of damaged skin during this particular seasonal change is the fragility of the skin’s barrier which manifests as :

  • dryness,
  • sensitivity
  • dull and sallow skin tone,
  • sun spots,
  • flaking and irritation
  • flare-up of some chronic conditions like acne, eczema or seborrheic dermatitis.

When there is a rapid change in temperature this damaged barrier welcomes pollution and dirt resulting in aggravated, inflamed and red skin. 

One of the worse symptoms that we face is the cracking of the skin. If your skin becomes too dry and doesn’t get the hydration it needs, it can result in cracks on our face or lips that are often painful. These cracks and tears in the skin increase your risk of allowing bacteria to enter, which may cause infections.

But here is the good news…

Adapting your skincare routine from Summer to Autumn means simplifying not complicating it. All that extra product you’ve been slapping on in the heat can be cast aside. 

It’s time to go back to basics. 

  1. Gentle cleansing is crucial– You want something that will cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils while also providing some much-needed hydration. 
  2. Hydration is Essential it’s important that you moisturize twice a day to protect your skin from the harsh elements it faces whenever you walk out the door. You may find that your summertime moisturizer just doesn’t do the trick either. You may have to switch to something that’s thicker and creamier to provide your skin with that extra bit of hydration it craves.
  3. Incorporate Retinol you can opt to a professional retinol treatment or at home cream to revive your skin and help minimize the appearance of your pigmentation or open pores.
  4. Self care = skin care Turn your home into a spa by treating yourself to a exfoliation, serum and mask. Don’t forget to exfoliate your body and moisturize a lot.

Anyway, however you choose to adapt your skincare routine for Autumn, take my advice – keep it simple.

Skin Care Specialist,