Autumn is here, and by using autumn months to rejuvenate and repair your skin you are giving it the best chance to look healthy as we move into the festive season and the colder winter weather.

It is not a secret that right now is the best time for more intense and invasive skin care but before you dive in strong chemical peels, retinol or laser treatments please remember my mantra:

“Treat your skin progressively not aggressively”.

My clients always look to me to guide them through the minefield of modern skincare, whether that be in-clinic treatments or products. There are a lot of options available and working out exactly what you need is always easier with the help of an expert who can fully assess your skin. Here I break down some of the most popular autumn choices.

  1. Exfoliation- It is important to remember with any skin exfoliation treatment not to overdo it or you can impair the skin’s barrier function, which can cause further problems. This is often why I DO NOT ADVISE to use skin scrubs and other exfoliants at home. I know this may surprise you, but you really don’t need to exfoliate your skin once a week. A session of Microdermabrasion or Skin peel session once or twice a year will be enough for your skin to support natural skin’s exfoliation.
  2. Rejuvenate- Microneedling and Mesotherapy- Another treatment that is great to try in the Autumn, is Microneedling. It’s clinically proven to help stimulate collagen production and is a non-invasive skin treatment that uses ultra-thin titanium needles which create tiny micro-injuries in the very first layer of the skins surface. This stimulates the body to boost the regenerative processes that naturally takes place in the skin every day. During this regeneration, collagen and elastin production are increased. Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment which enables the skin to absorb a targeted cocktail of injectable solutions to treat specific skin concerns. Utilising superfine injections to deliver enzymes, vitamins, hormones & plant extracts directly into the epidermis of the skin (its top layer), injectable serums can be tailored to individual skin concerns. When you apply a serum topically at home, you absorb around 7% of its lovely ingredients, this is increased by up to 70% when delivered via mesotherapy, a huge increase!
  3. Restore hydration- Skin booster Profhilo and Ejal40- these are revolutionary, highly hydrating treatments. You don’t need to drink 30 pints of water a day, you can get the same results with half an hour skin booster treatment. The treatment uses hyaluronic acid, which naturally boosts collagen within the body, giving great texture and brightness to dull, dry or ageing skin, and reducing crepey, sagging areas.
  4. Warm up and relax- This season, try combining the benefits of traditional massage therapy with the heat of a hot stone massage for a healing experience that’s both warming and relaxing. The soothing stones create a powerful heat that causes your muscles to both relax and loosen. The gentle heat not only warms your body on a cold autumn’s day, it has some great healing benefits.
  5. Treat toenail fungus infection- Toenail fungus is a common condition caused by a living fungus. Toenail fungus is contagious and can spread nail to nail on your own feet, as well as to other people. You can come in contact with it at nail salons, swimming pools, gyms, or other public places where people are barefoot-which is why we are more prone to get it on holiday. Tight shoes, a weak immune system, and circulatory problems may also contribute to the onset of toenail fungus. Autumn is a perfect time to take off nail polish/gel and treat fungus infection before next summer arrive…yes, it may take that long. Our nail expert Virginia will explain the treatment during your first visit.

So, there’s our top five treatments to give your skin a boost, relaxation and healthy look this Autumn. All enjoyable, gorgeous skin treatments that will hydrate, plump, firm and give your skin a gorgeous Autumn glow.

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