We have a great choice of enhancing eye treatments like Henna Brow, Lash Lift, Russian and Semi-permanent Lashes as well as advanced eye treatments to help with dark circles, eye bags, ageing.

Eye Treatments

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We believe that  the eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect your beauty!

Say good bye to dark circles, puffiness and bags with our great range of eye treatments.

 Do you want to enhance your natural lashes or brows? 

Discover our new Henna Brow treatment.




 Due to extensive expression of the orbital area, fine lines and wrinkles can easily develop.

Eye area is composed of small capillaries and blood vessels which can become congested, compromising positive flow. As a result of congestion unwanted darkness and puffiness can appear.

At Coco Beauty Clinic we offer 3 different therapies for eye area:

1. Ultrasound treatment- a relaxing massage with ultrasound wave which firstly help active ingredients penetrate to the dipper layer of the skin. Secondly increase the circulation. Thirdly remove the toxins leaving your skin looking fresh.


2. Microneedling (Dermapen)- non-invasive but highly effective treatment using a device equipped with 6 very thin micro-needles. As a result of this treatment we create a micro-channels which allow serum to reach Dermis. In addition microneedling increase collagen and elastin production which make this treatment a great solution for crows feet.


3. Mesotherapy- this treatment consist of a series of micro-injection to the Dermis. We inject a small amount of highly effective serums (non cross-linked hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals) and leave a small deposit of it (papulas) which is absorbed within the next couple of hours after the treatment. Magnificent results in anti-wrinkle therapy.


Henna Brow:

Henna Brows it’s a new revolutionary product in brow industry! It’s Ammonia Free and no need for Hydrogen Peroxide. Last on average 3-6 weeks.

What to expect when you go for a Henna Brow:

Firstly we  thoroughly clean the brow area to remove all oils from the eye are. Secondly eyebrow exfoliation. Thirdly The Henna is mixed then applied to the eyebrows for 15- 20 minutes ans your therapist will carry out a relaxing neck and head massage. The longer the colour is kept on the eyebrows the longer the colour stain will last on the skin. In the final step our Brow Oil is applied to the brows to help lock in the colour.

Lash Lifting:

Enhancing treatment for natural lashes. Lash Lifting make your lashes looking curly and long. The treatment is performed in 3 steps and finished with a lash tint for a deep black colour of your lashes so no mascara is needed! To make even more relaxing neck and head massage is performed during your Lash Lifting treatment.


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