Autumn months are the time that allows us to take full advantage of the treatments available in the Skin Clinic.

Lower temperatures and weaker UV radiation allow for almost all treatment procedures, as well as for more intensive home care.

Long awaited cosmetics with retinol, AHA and BHA acids return to our daily care.

And that’s why there’s no better time to tackle skin problems caused by photoaging.

But before I go to the fall care, I will explain what PHOTO-AGING is.

Photoaging are changes that occur in the skin due to sunlight.

Skin aging under the influence of UV is attributed to 80% of total aging, and its effects radically change the appearance of the skin.

                PHOTO DAMAGE EFFECTS:

– DISCOLORATION – this is due to UV radiation, which stimulates the process of melanogenesis, i.e., the formation of a pigment in the skin

– FREE RADICALS – reactive oxygen species contained in them harm elastin and collagen fibers. They also reduce the amount of lipids, and thus lead to the death of skin cells

– LOSS OF COLLAGEN AND ELASTIN FIBERS – the result of UV radiation is the release of free radicals that activate MMP (METALLOPROTHINASES – enzymes that break down collagen), which causes changes in skin tension and the formation of wrinkles. It is also worth mentioning that the wrinkles caused by UV radiation are deeper than those associated with physiological aging.

– ERYTHEMA – high temperatures in summer accelerate blood circulation, which may cause dilatation of blood vessels

– DRYNESS – Intense UV radiation and sweating can lead to evaporation of water and reduced hydration, which in turn makes the skin rough and more prone to damage.

So, if you care about keeping healthy and young-looking skin, invest your time in intensive care in autumn.







For the care to be effective, look for active ingredients in products, such as:

VITAMIN C – one of the strongest substances with an antioxidant effect,

TOKOFEROL – the active form of vitamin E, which, like vitamin C, is a strong antioxidant

RETINOL – vitamin A derivative with a wide spectrum of action

LACTOBIONIC ACID – BHA acid obtained from milk-lactose – inhibits the action of MMP, has antioxidant properties, soothes, and moisturizes the skin.

GLUCONOLACTONE – naturally present in young skin, fades with age, has strong anti-exposure and moisturizing properties.

Like any other time of the year, fall is the time when you can safely perform most cosmetic procedures. During this period, I highly recommend to my clients:

MEDICAL PILLINGS – variety, high effectiveness and, above all, safety of treatments with medical peels are a perfect solution for skin struggling with the following problems: dryness, discoloration, wrinkles, and loss of tension

TREATMENTS WITH RETINOL – these are not only my favourite treatments, but also my clients. Retinol in treatments occurs together with Vitamin C, which brings fast and long-lasting effects.

DERMAPEN – the treatment is performed with the use of a specialized device. I recommend this treatment especially to people with flabby skin, enlarged pores, or acne scars.

NEEDLE MESOTHERAPY – this is a treatment that best and deeply saturates our skin with active substances and gives immediate results. I especially recommend it to clients with the first signs of aging and to dehydrated and dry skin.

IPL – a treatment for special tasks – it will deal with discoloration and erythema, but I also recommend it for intensive rejuvenation of flaccid skin and signs of aging.

The treatments and active ingredients mentioned in this article are among the most effective in cosmetology.

So, if you’ve been postponing a visit to the clinic for a long time and incorporating professional treatments into your care, now is the best time!

My goal is to do everything to make you look and feel good in your skin!

Your Skin Expert,